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 Pro Double Glazing windows and doors will be used in this solar passive house. 


  • Tips to building a healthier home building/ renovating
  • Feature Project
  • Building Costs

Tips for a Healthier Home


With all the evidence available regarding building science and the indoor air quality of buildings, we all need to be aware and strive to ensure best practice.

The days of picking a pre-designed plan to build on any block is unfortunately still a reality, we see it almost every day in new subdivisions around the country.

There are a number of contributing factors that allow certain building practices and methods to continue such as lack of public knowledge, careless behaviour from volume builders, even down to untrained sales professionals advising the unaware buyers.

One thing however is certain; no one cares for your home more than you do.
If you are considering building there are a number of simple strategies that you need to consider. In some cases, these can be achieved for very little or no cost at all.

  • Ensure your home is correctly situated on the block to benefit from Solar Passive Design principles

  • Check the direction of airflow on site and orientate your windows to benefit from greater natural ventilation

  • For a small additional expense ask for increased insulation or upgrade ‘R’ values.

  • Ask for your home to be tightly sealed, you may find many builders are reluctant to do this. A ‘leaky air home’ is like buying a new fridge with holes in it.

  • Ask exactly what is in the manufacturers products (are they VOC free or Formaldehyde free)

  • Ensure doors and windows are correctly sealed.

  • Ask for thermal bridging to be minimised. We continue to see builders nailing external finishes directly on to frames without a drained or vented cavity.

These are basic minimal requirements that conscious building companies are addressing, however, unfortunately a great majority are not addressing these factors and even more concerning is that they don’t know why it is necessary.
Correctly insulated, air sealed buildings (particularly with double or triple glazed windows) have been proven to be the best building technique for energy and thermal efficiencies resulting in healthy structures to live in.

Although Queensland has such beautiful weather almost year round, many feel we do not need to air seal and insulate our homes as practised in cooler climates. It has been proven that natural ventilation is the best option (depending on the location of the home) we find most people keep their homes closed, only opening select windows throughout the home on a regular basis.
Keeping the home enclosed can pose problems with creating a healthy home. There are a number of building materials that release toxins such as gas for up to 12 years , keeping windows and doors closed the majority of the time can trap toxic chemicals, mould, pollen and other irritants in the homes, many are not visible to the naked eye. We recommend the use of ‘whole house’ mechanical ventilation systems, such as STIEBEL ELTRON HRV systems and Zehndher systems


HRV System Video


Stieble Eltron HRV system


Using air recovery systems that filter the air, ensures you can maintain controlled humidity levels in the home, and minimise the use of air conditioning.

Imagine coming from a 32 degree external temperature with high humidity levels, into a comfortable internal temperature of 25 degrees, filtered air and no humidity (temperatures reverse during winter)

People experiencing this level of quality comfort certainly could not live in a home built using ordinary building methods. It is surprisingly less expensive then expected, and certainly a lot healthier.

For additional information please contact our office, we will be please to assist, regardless which building company you are using, we are happy to help.

H4Living: 1300 293 029


Feature Home


H4Living are excited to announce that we are about to start construction on a PASSIVEHAUS standard home.
This home has an 8 Star energy efficient standard using current modelling tools which we are looking to increase to a 10 star rating. The home will be monitored for quite a few months after the new owners have move in.


Site seminars during construction

For those interested in taking their homes to the next level, H4 living will be conducting 4 onsite seminars at primary stages of construction. Even if you are a builder and reading this blog please register as it is important to learn to build above building codes and will help you to achieve better buildings for you and your customers.

Onsite visits will be conducted during the following stages (dates to be confirmed):

  • Slab Stage – Insulating the slab, minimising thermal conduction around perimeter and under the slab.

  • Insulation Stage – experience  air tight insulation practices

  • Ventilation Stage- commissioning  whole house mechanical ventilation

  • Completion- Experience Feel and performance

Please register your interest by sending through an email to us.